Andy Dolson

Owner / Designer / Carpenter

I have a passion for design, both technical and artistic; mathematic and aesthetic. I am a creator and builder, and my curiosity excites me to discover the “how” and “why” behind the overlooked details of everyday infrastructure.

BA from The University of Akron

With a civil engineer as a father, Andy grew up on construction site. Power tools, and scrap wood were some of his favorite toys. At the age of 18, Andy turned down an engineering scholarship at The University of Akron in order to pursue a career as a touring musician. While traveling, performing, and receiving radio-play on various AAA and college radio stations Andy continued his education at The University of Akron with a focus in Media Production and a minor in music. After a successful career as a touring musician Andy decided to settle down near his hometown of Stow, Ohio and return to his roots in construction.


Gerald Dolson P.E.

Engineering Consultant


BS Civil Engineering from The University of Akron

After completing his engineering degree in 3 years Gerald “Jerry” Dolson worked as Service Director for the City of Stow, Ohio for 22 years. After a period in the private sector he returned as the water engineer.
Over his career he has overseen the construction of multiple municipal and commercial buildings including Stow’s City Hall and Safety Buildings. He also developed a pavement rating system and oversaw Stow’s paving program for 20+ years. In the private sector his company provided maintenance for condo associations, improving water drainage systems, and performing various repair and maintenance tasks. In 2004, Gerald, Andy, and Silvia completed a 10,000 SQFT steel structure addition to a factory in Brimfield, OH.

For the past 10 years Gerald has volunteered at Stow-Munroe Falls High School, designing and building truly unprecedented sets for their theater department. The program has given hundreds of students and parents opportunities to learn basic carpentry and building skills.

Jerry serves as an engineering design consultant, machine operator, and site manager.

Silvia Dolson

Design Consultant / Site Manager


BFA from The University of Akron

Silvia Dolson is an accomplished jewelry designer / metalsmith. Her experience in construction started at a young age, building a lake house with her family on Atwood Lake. Silvia is an experienced kitchen designer, and when Gerald and Silvia were first married they roofed houses together for extra money.

Silvia is also a Senior Level patroller with the National Ski Patrol.

Silvia serves as a Design consultant, as well as site manager, and machine operator.


Pete Dolson

Commercial IT Consultant

BSN from The University of Akron

Much like his brother Andy, Pete Dolson has had a wide variety of interests and skills he has developed over the years. He’s a welder, mechanic, IT professional, Climbing/Rigging enthusiast, as well as a Nurse.

While in middle school Pete used his skills and passion for rigging to design fly rigs for the SMFHS theater program where he continues to consult to this day. In college Pete worked in The University of Akron IT department, trouble-shooting networks and setting up distance learning equipment. After completing his nursing degree he was hired to help implement electronic medical records systems for University Hospitals satellite locations. Pete serves as a consultant for Dolson & Sons commercial data and IT installations.